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You need a piece to drive, fly or sail, but then you have something. The following cities are on an island, but are all a visit or detour worth.

Trogir, Kroatië
Trogir, Croatia

Combining a unique location on a small island and a medieval street network, has ensured that Trogir has become a popular tourist attraction. Travelers flock to the city to relax in green surroundings and to learn more about the Hellenistic period the city has given shape. The historic streets invite you to wander around for hours while you can cool off in the shade of palm trees with an ice cream in hand.

Lübeck, Duitsland
Lübeck, Germany

Even though it’s pretty Lubeck lost its position as the medieval capital of the Hanseatic League, in the historic city center are still found enough traces that recall this period. The city was founded in the twelfth century on an idyllic island off the Baltic coast and flourished until the sixteenth century as a major trading center. The enchanting setting with over 1000 historic buildings Lübeck in 1987 resulted in a place on a World Heritage Site.

Tromso, Norway
Tromsø, Norway

 Tromsø also known as the capital of the North Pole is an island town, surrounded by impressive mountains, fjords and islands. Despite the cityscape is filled with history, Tromsø has a very lively and contemporary character. This owes to the city at the many (cultural) activities, the university and the large number of pubs. But also attract a lot of people, for example a cruise to the town because of the Northern Lights.


Lindau, Germany
Lindau, Germany

The paradisaical Lindau is often hyped as ‘Garden of Eden’ or ‘Bavarian Riviera”. Already floating on Lake Constance, near the Austrian border, it is only through one long bridge to the mainland. The view is a perfect picture for a card, though its attractions such as the port and the iconic image of the Bavarian lion also worth for a visit. In addition, on clear days you can also enjoy spectacular views of the Alps

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